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    Transforming higher education in the 21st Century;
    “Innovating pathways to learning and continuous professional education”

    29 & 30 October 2015

    erasmus cofunded

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    Registration for the Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 2015 in Hagen is now open.

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EADTU Conference 2015

Transforming higher education in the 21st century;

"Innovating pathways to learning and continuous professional education"

The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education conference 2015 was hosted by the FernUniversität Hagen.

An overview of the results

  • the proceedings (will follow)
  • the message of Hagen
  • te pictures taken during the conference (will follow)
  • the presentations of the keynote speakers
  • the recordings of the conference presentations


Our keynote presentations:

  1. Anja Oskamp (President of EADTU and rector of Open University of the Netherlands)
  2. Johannes Heinlein (Vice president of strategic partnerships for edX)
  3. Piet Henderikx (Senior Executive Advisor EADTU andprofessor honoris causa at UTPL, Loja - Ecuador)
  4. Marco Kalz (Professor Open Education, Faculty for Management, Science and Technology and Welten Institute, Open University of the Netherlands)
  5. Jordi Claramonte Arrufat (Director Open Education UNED)
  6. Stefan Stürmer (Professor Institute for Psychology at the FernUniversität Hagen)
  7. Dragan Gaševic (President Society for Learning Analytics Research and Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh (UoE), UK)
  8. Julie Anderson (Policy officer in the European Commission's higher education policy team in DG Education and Culture)
  9. Rafael Rivera (Managing Partner at Iclaves)
  10. Georges van der Perre (Professor KU Leuven, Chair "Blended Learning" of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts)

Scope and themes


Technology-based teaching and learning lead to the transformation of higher education. Through new modes of teaching and learning,  three complementary educational areas are emerging in European higher education: (1) blended and online degree education; (2) flexible continuous education and continuous professional development online, including new types of short programmes; and  (3) online open education through OERs and MOOCs.

  • Policies in the changing pedagogical landscape
  • Empowering universities for the modernisation of higher education
  • Blended education
  • Flexible continuing education and new types of courses
  • Open education and MOOCs
  • Learning analytics and learning technologies

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  • Stadtwald Hagen

    Stadtwald Hagen

    Hasper Talsperre. Foto: Michael Kaub
  • Hagener Impuls

    Hagener Impuls

    Krematorium Hagen Delstern; Architekt Peter Behrens; erstes Krematorium ''im Westen''; bedeutendes Gesamtkunstwerk weitgehend erhalten. Foto: Michael Kaub
  • Schumacher Museum

    Schumacher Museum

    Emil Schumacher Museum Hagen. Foto: W Hannappel
  • Oberlichtsaals


    Ansicht des Oberlichtsaals des Emil Schumacher Museums Hagen. Foto: W Hannappel
  • Kunstquartier


    Blick auf das Osthaus Museum Hagen. Foto: W Hannappel


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