Scope & topics I·HE2024 

Scope of the conference 

The Innovating Higher Education conference focuses on trends and high impact factors in global and European higher education. This year’s title is:


Leading the Future of Learning


The conference explores innovations in hybrid, blended, and online education to pave the way for inclusive and personalized learning experiences. It will address challenges and opportunities faced by universities on both student and societal levels, including generative AI, sustainability, microcredentials, as well as a range of other topics described below.


Topics for the I-H2024 conference include:


Online, Blended and Synchronous Hybrid Education

• Embracing combinations of classroom and online study

• Course design, pedagogical approaches, and assessment in online environments

• Quality assurance in blended and online education


Chat GPT, Generative AI, and Large Language Models (LLM)

• Applications in higher education for teaching and learning improvement

• Supporting knowledge acquisition, collaboration, and critical thinking


Digital Student & Staff Services

• Enhancing student experience, well-being, and building digital communities

• Digitizing recruitment, career services, and bridging digital skills gap

• Staff support services in digital education


Micro-Credentials for Continuing Education

• Recognizing and valorizing qualifications in shorter learning programs


Diversity and Inclusion in Open and Online Education

• Institutional strategies for diverse student populations in accessible learning paths


Sustainability and Green Campus

• Smart sustainability strategies for campuses and cybersecurity needs

• Ethical and sustainability considerations in digital transformation

• Leadership for a smart sustainable campus


Innovation in Research and Technology

• Impact of digital technologies on research capabilities

• Data infrastructure, collaboration, and enabling digital research

• Transforming research with digital advancement


Teaching, Learning & Assessment

• Personalized learning and the future of hybrid/blended learning

• Immersive experiences (AR/VR), AI potential, and digital assessment

• Digital curriculum planning using learning design and analytics


Leadership, Strategy & Future Trends

• Institution leadership driving digital transformation

• IT leadership changes, challenges for universities

• Future trends in education technology and strategic planning


Open Education & Skill Development

• Broadening access to learning through open educational resources

• Developing digital courses for 21st-century skills

• Role of universities in removing bias, driving diversity through digital tech

• MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)


Recognition and Qualification Strategies

• Establishing qualification frameworks for new academic formats

• Recognizing and valorizing qualifications in shorter learning programs

• Potential of blockchain to enhance record-keeping and data security



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